DIANA MAE POTTS ART (diana_potts_art) wrote,

Hand Span

How did this happen? My hand span has extended one inch from the late nineties. Back then, I measured my han span from thumb to pinky and it was 7", maybe 7 1/2". It was an important measurement because the way to measure fabric for making traditional Japanese clothing, which I was doing back then and with fabrics I designed and hand block printed, is to use the hand span as a base for the rest of the proportions of the kimono. Today to begin planning another one I did a hand measurement and it is now 8".

That was maybe twelve years ago. Woman in my age group are supposed to shrink. The only things I can think of that would make this happen is that I did consume a lot of dairy products during this time period. I don't take vitamins and am not on any medication so I tend to listen to my body's needs. Calcium has been one intense craving the last 15 or so years. I never ignore it. I can't. It's intense. I have no idea of what the consequences of ignoring the calcium crave and I never want to know. The other one is that during that time period I was working at my day work and also at night which was walking intensive. My bones were under a lot of stress and there was often pain.

I do know I did shrink an inch, but lately have been feeling taller again. Is it possible to actually re strengthen from bone loss from stress and have even the hands lengthen?

Well, anyway, the calculations I did in a rush yesterday to make what I want to make need to be reworked because I was planning on making it out of individual blocks.


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