DIANA MAE POTTS ART (diana_potts_art) wrote,

Textile Imagery

Early in the year I had mentioned here that my art, as a celebration of the upcoming Royal Wedding is going to be about fabrics and textiles while waiting in anticipation to see "The Dress." Some of my drawings early in the year were about that, but as things rode on, things happened that took my attention in a serious way.

The earthquake in Japan was and still is very upsetting because I don't know how or where a friend is in that region.

The detainment of Ai Weiwei is also upsetting because he is a person I knew many years ago if only briefly. I feel very upset that someone I knew even a little bit is possibly being abused in a Chinese prison which is a horrifc experience for anyone who has gone through it.

Someone tonight showed me a website not related to weddings, with a reference to the use of veils as a metaphor. I also have a commission in process which fabrics ae used in the imagery. So, even after tomorrow's events textiles and fabrics are still going to be what my art is about.

Add a bit about friendship: missing friends and nice gestures that friends do is in the works in my art.

I have some free time coming up in the coming days and next week. I hope to be able to sit and get some of this done as it is on my mind.

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