18 December 1954
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Here is a blog that is more about the art of living a life than a showcase for my art. Whether it is a recipe, something interesting I see, talking about someone interesting I met one day or possibly a sketch I produced in the daily walk of life, that is what you will find here. The earlier pages show art that I made a few years ago. I have made a blog at http://dianapottsart.com which shows mainly my works of art and works in process. It is essentially my website with links on top that show a daily log, my schedule and other things. On Livejournal here the issue always was that I wanted to have a blog that chattered away about my daily observations, but I also wanted a showcase for my art. For the viewer who comes mainly to see art, possibly to buy, they would encounter verbage. Sometimes I deleted worthwhile posts just to keep the artistic effect and then later regretted it because this journal had some writing in it that showed my skills as a writer. Because of this there isn't much evidence of me as a writer except in the memory of people who read this in the first place and teachers in college who always commented on my writing skills.

Browse through this journal to find about my daily life, what I have left in here and come back for future jottings about my life. I hope that separating my professional life and my personal life online serves the viewers who just want to see art and also serve people who want to know more about me in a journalistic setting.

This journal is for the interesting tidbits of my life that I see around me. This is what I wish to share. Some of it is verbal and some is in art form.


Diana Mae Potts